Broth Of Life – lamb Bone Broth Powder 45g


A traditional healing elixir our ancestors used to make! Bone broth has been known to help repair gut problems, boost immunity, assist in managing arthritis and joint pain, aid digestion, combat stress and aid efficient thyroid function and more. Dehydrated Bone Broth is a natural source of minerals extracted from bones that our bodies can easily absorb. Due to the high levels of collagen it helps growth and strength in fingernails and hair. Broth of Life Bone Broth is certified organic and has been simmered for a minimum of 24 hours. 1 tsp is equivalent to 100 ml of liquid broth. Simply add boiling water and your broth is ready to consume!

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Biodynamic Lamb Bones, Organic Celery, Organic Carrot, Organic Onion, Organic Garlic, Himalayan Rock Salt, Organic Pepper, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.