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About Our Organic Food Store and Cafe

Our Gold Coast based organic grocery store and cafe exists to help people live healthy and exciting lives – lives that are full of happiness and vitality. We passionately believe that one of the best ways to promote health and vitality in the human body is to follow a highly nutritional diet. This means eating organic wholefoods that have a high mineral and vitamin profile and supplementing these with other nutrient dense wholefoods that work actively with your body’s wellness system to optimise health and vitality.
Therefore, to achieve our business purpose, we sell wholefoods and supplements that are nutrient dense and are not contaminated by man-made chemicals. This is true for both our organic food shop and our organic café.
You can now access our amazing range of certified organic food, wholefoods and sustainable products through our online organic grocery store.
We believe in the power of organic food to generate health and wellbeing. All of our fruit and vegetables are certified organic – no “nasties” there – and freshly delivered four days each week. The vast majority of our grocery items are also certified organic. In the few cases where we do stock non-certified organic goods, it is because there is no certified option available or the product contains mainly organic ingredients and we are satisfied that it will have a strong, positive impact on the health of our customers.
While we do sell organic dairy products, organic meat, organic eggs, and sustainably caught fish, we do understand the importance for people’s diets to be significantly plant based. This is why we sell fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. This is why we stock an extensive range of vegan friendly products, including dairy alternative dips, cheeses and milks.
We also cater extensively for particular dietary needs of customers. If people choose to follow a vegan or plant-based diet, or a paleo diet or a gluten free diet, we can fully satisfy their needs. This is true for our organic grocery store and, importantly, is also true for our organic café. Many options on our café menu are suitable for people following one or more of these alternative diets. A particular example is our pastry products. Using the craft and skills of an artisan baker, we have been able to produce pies, pastry rolls, turnovers and pizza bases that are grain free and gluten free. There are also vegan options.
We also sell products that complement an organic lifestyle, such as toxic-free cleaning products and cooking utensils. Operating our business in an eco-friendly manner is also important to us. We are constantly searching for sustainable products. We strive to limit the packaging content of our product portfolio and favour items that utilise reusable packaging. You are welcome to bring your containers to fill in our organic bulk foods section and for fresh produce.
Another passionate belief we hold is the importance that positive energy has on human health and wellbeing. In our shop and in our café we utilise devices and crystals that generate positive, healing energy. Positivity comes from loving what you do and caring about the people you come into contact with. That is why we approach each task we perform and each interaction we have in a very positive manner. Our actions are carried out with love and respect for others.
Visit our vibrant organic grocery store and try a delicious coffee or turmeric latte at our Organic Cafe in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. If you live a bit further away, try shopping for your organic groceries online right here today!
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