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Fresh Organic Produce

Organic fruit and vegetables are better for you! They have more nutrients than non-organic produce because they are grown in nutritionally rich soil and they certainly are not touched by any nasty chemicals and pesticides. All fresh fruit and vegetables sold at The Wholefood Pantry Palm Beach are certified organic. We believe that stocking only certified organic produce is the best way to guarantee to our customers that they are always buying highly nutritious, chemical-free food.

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, fresh is best. At The Wholefood Pantry Palm Beach we get fresh fruit and vegetables delivered 4 times each week, ensuring that our produce turns over quickly and always maintains its nutritional vitality. However, fresh does not outweigh organic. Fresh produce that has not been grown in nutritionally rich soil or has been sprayed with man-made chemicals will still be inferior to organically grown fruit and vegetables. Therefore, for your health’s sake, always choose organic over non-organic, but fresh. This is particularly so if you are using the fruit and vegetables in juices.

At our organic food store we stock as much local produce as we can. Being close to the farming districts of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales and the Lockyer Valley and Granite Belt in Queensland, we are able to source beautiful produce with minimum food-miles on a regular basis. Naturally we stock seasonal produce. We do purchase products from other areas, but we never source any fruit and vegetables that are not grown in Australia.

Organic Bulk Food

At The Wholefood Pantry Palm Beach we have a huge range of certified organic nuts, grains, flours, pulses, cereals, dried fruits and delicious vegan and milk chocolate coated nuts and fruit. You can bring your own container to fill for plastic free shopping or we provide brown paper bags. Wherever possible we source local, Australian certified organic bulk foods. Baking made easy with our range of gluten free and wheat free flours.

Organic Meat

We have a great selection of certified organic meats from TMP Organics. Their range includes certified organic beef, chicken, lamb and free range pork. TMP Organics deliver to us twice a week. Meat is either fresh or frozen.

GreenAg Free Range Organic Turkey supply us with turkey all year round so you can enjoy this nutritious, lean meat not just for Christmas dinner! GreenAg Turkeys come from a farm just west of Toowoomba.  Would you believe the farmer, known as “The Turkey Man”, is so passionate about the well-being of his flock he keeps the turkeys calm by playing them baroque music. Their feed is his own special home grown, certified organic blend.

We stock a range of wild caught, frozen seafood from Noosa Seafood Market. Their fish is Australian with no added preservatives. Noosa Seafood have a target of achieving zero waste by 2020.

Organic Dairy

We are proud to stock dairy products from Barambah Organics. They deliver directly to us twice a week. They source their fresh milk from their own two dairy farms, located in the pristine border rivers region of QLD/NSW. Both Barambah Farms are certified organic by ACO. Their range includes milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt, smoothies and cold pressed coffee. Lactose free options.

Mungalli Creek Dairy is in the sub-tropical Atherton Tablelands. The farm is certified organic and operates using Biodynamic principles….a holistic approach to conventional agriculture where the farm is treated a living ecosystem which is self contained, self-sustaining and follows the cycles of nature. We stock their large range of milks, yoghurts, cheeses and cream.

Organic Eggs

Simon from Organigrow Eggs delivers directly to us from his farm in the Northern Rivers area of NSW. Organigrow Eggs are Certified Organic Free Range (ACO). The farm is also certified by Humane Choice as being truly free range. Organigrow hens roam freely all day in lush pastures. We stock a variety of different sized eggs and ½ dozens!

Organic Bread

At The Wholefood Pantry Palm Beach we stock an amazing range of organic breads.

Gold Coast based Marie Anita’s deliver to us twice a week. Their delicious range is organic and gluten free. Based on sorghum flour the loaves are light and fluffy with a range of different styles….fruity or seedy, olive and garlic or the popular turmeric and black pepper!

Another locally based bakery Britt’s Organic supply us with a huge range of organic, gluten and wheat free breads, cookies, spelt pies, spelt pastry, croissants and crackers. At Easter time we stock their delicious range of spelt and gluten free Hot Cross Buns and at Christmas there’s spelt and gluten free cakes and mince pies!