Mum + One with Bec from Rebecca Megan Health

A note from Bec….
Walking with my dog this morning, 2 primary age girls were leaving their house obviously on route to school & they were eating breaky!
I could see it was white bread toast but I had to know if it was margarine or butter…
Because Ginger, my dog, is a kid magnet we exchanged a few words as they patted my cute fur baby.
They wore the same uniform as my daughters & so I asked them what grade they were in & told them my girls were in year 11. Curiosity & passion for kids health got the better of me & I asked the question with a kind voice? “What do you have on your toast?” “Just margarine”. I cry inside when I see kids walking to school drinking a slushie or a coke or muesli bar…& I’ve been known to shed a tear in the supermarket as I pass precious peeps trolleys.
We’ve lost our way… One of the greatest gifts we can give our kids is to teach them HOW to love their body with delicious, delicious veg & whole foods. They’ll be tasting some of my girls fave foods… I’ll cook some on the night but also have some prepared…savoury, sweet & snacks.
And they’ll get the low down on processed foods, breakfasts, refined sugar, toxic veg oil & what they really do for brain, hormones, skin, moods & energy…And it won’t be Mum telling them… wink, wink! 😉
But it’ll START THE CONVERSATION or continue it with your kids! It’ll be fun & delicious!
Numbers are very limited so be QUICK to secure your spot!
Text me on 0434 296 181

The Wholefood Pantry Palm Beach Christmas Party

You are all invited to our annual Christmas Party at The Wholefood Pantry Palm Beach!
Your chance to get ready for Christmas. We have loads of organic, sustainable and eco-friendly gift ideas
as well as everything you need to make wonderful, organic festive dishes for your friends and family!
It will be a lovely opportunity for you to mingle with The Wholefood Pantry staff and fabulous customers.
There will be free tastings of some of the amazing organic products we sell and live music to enjoy.
We hope to see you there!