EveryMite – The Story

EveryMite - The Story

EveryMite was born out of need by a Brisbane mum, Cinnamon, who needed a clean allergy friendly alternative to Vegemite for her small son, William, who has Down Syndrome and numerous food intolerances.

A professional social worker by trade, working with children and families she had never been in business or worked with food professionally before. She embarked on getting EveryMite tested for market and starting a small business.

She started making it herself in a commercial kitchen each week, approaching stores in person to ask them to stock it. After many knock backs from stores as it was a new product and she was not known in the field, she still persisted.

  • She has an established food manufacturer making it each week in Brisbane (still by hand and with the same care she took herself)
  • There are 3 versions of EveryMite (The Original, Aussie Low Salt, and Fodmap-Friendly)
  • The ‘new’ smaller version of EveryMite called “BabyMite” is now available, which is super low salt and low fodmap so it is suitable for the most sensitive stomachs.
  • EveryMite is now in over 500 stores around Australia
  • EveryMite is loved by thousands, who share their stories, recipes, and love of EveryMite on line.
  • She is using some of her profits to ‘giveback’ to the community, namely disability, cancer, and environmentalism.
  • Her son is now 7 years old and is thriving on EveryMite, every day.

The EveryMite story, with recipe ideas and details on who they support, go to www.everymite.com.au