Health benefits of an organic, raw food diet for your pet – by Sue from Organic Paws

Health benefits of an organic, raw food diet for
your pet - by Sue from Organic Paws

What’s the difference between conventional and organic pet food?

We all know you are what you eat and our pets are no different. Many non-organic meat and meat products available today contain trace residues of many toxins including antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives and many other chemical additives. When consumed on a regular basis this chemical build up can become compromising and ultimately detrimental to our pet’s health similar to that of a diet high in processed foods. Feeding a clean, safe, nutrient dense diet, guaranteed of its purity through Organic Certification, provides the body with the necessary building blocks to not only help heal itself but to also thrive with long term excellent health.

Health benefits of a raw food, organic diet.

Organic Paws is the first and currently only Certified Organic Raw Meat Pet Food in Australia. Our meals offer complete and balanced freshly frozen raw meat meals to mimic an ancestral canine diet for both cats and dogs of all ages. They are also proven to be safe and compatible for many protein allergen pets.

We are a family owned and operated business based on the Gold Coast QLD and take pride in using only Australian sourced ingredients including 100% grass fed full body meats including all prime cuts. We have an extremely high success rate of satisfying even the fussiest of eaters and have helped and even healed many pets with chronic illness such as kidney disease, IBD and chronic skin conditions.

All Organic Paws ingredients used are human grade and accredited by the Australian Certified Organic and Safe Foods QLD, in addition to exceeding PFIAA and AAFCO standards for a balanced meal containing all nutritional elements required to maintain excellent health.

Feeding your pet a Certified Organic complete diet like Organic Paws will not only improve your pet’s quality of life but will also maximize your pet’s life expectancy.

Organic is the way food is meant to be.