It’s The Small Steps – by Bamboo Babe

It's The Small Steps - by Bamboo Babe

Supporting you by sharing some of our small
steps to living a more sustainable life.

The current climate crisis can be overwhelming [ that label says it all ]… and sometimes it is hard to know where to start.

We are big believers in taking small steps to achieve big things, so we wanted to share, on a regular basis, some of our favourite small steps and waste less inspirations that help us to walk lightly on Mother Earth:

  • Giving back to our beaches by taking plastic, not the shells 
  • Picking up that wrapper or takeaway coffee cup sitting in the gutter (and a good hand sanitise after!)
  • Washing our clothes on a cold cycle to reduce energy consumption and the microfibres that are released into our waterways
  • Switching off all unnecessary lights, especially at night to reduce light pollution – isn’t it just brilliant when we can see our stars!

Enjoy a plastic free period with Bamboo Babe


Bamboo Babe is proud to be fully owned and designed in Australia.

We use 100% organic bamboo fibre with exclusive mechanically pressed, dual organic bamboo core technology; naturally grown and responsibly sourced from a FSC approved plantation.

Our organic bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic so you stay comfortable and naturally anti-bacterial which helps control odour and keeps you fresh. We use a corn based top sheet which is low irritant and soft.

Our pads are compostable and biodegradable. Super thin, ultra absorbent and touch dry against your skin, you can trust Bamboo Babe with your most intimate area. 

For more information visit our website bamboobabe.com.au