Mindful Foods – Organic Activated Granola Golden Granola 450g


Mindful Foods Organic Activated Granolas are made in Byron Bay. They use delicious combinations of nutrient dense, organic ingredients to give you a great kick start to your day!

Their granolas are perfect in smoothie bowls, topped with yoghurt or straight from the jar!

Golden Granola Ingredients:

Activated nuts & seeds (buckwheat^, sunflower seeds*, pepitas^, almonds^, Pecans^), coconut chips^, oats^, raw macadamias^, brown rice malt syrup^, turmeric^, vanilla extract^, lemon powder^, cloves^, lemon myrtle^, safflower*, star anise^, pepper^

^ = Certified Organic, * = Australian Insecticide-Free

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