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Free Spirit Love Oils – Oregano Oil 30ml

Free Spirit Love Oils – Oregano Oil 30ml

Byron Bay based locals Melanie and David Danes are founders of the Free Spirit Group. Their mission is to “provide the purest and highest quality products that nature makes and the world provides”. To do this Melanie and David have travelled all over the world to source raw materials for their certified organic oils that are produced in an ethical and sustainable way. Through careful extraction methods their organic seed oils are among the highest quality oils available. 

Love Oils Oregano Oil is wild grown and hand-picked from the remote hills of south-western Turkey. It contains minimum 80% Carvacrol and blended with organic olive oil. The health benefits of wild oregano are attributed to its natural balance of constituents – high Carvacrol and relatively low thymol which are scientifically known to be antiseptic and antioxidant agents. Also present, are powerful esters which are known to be anti-fungal agents.



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