Loving Earth – Paleo Berry Choc Mix 320g


Loving Earth have created a fabulous range of gluten free, dairy free cereals that are certified organic and raw.

Packed with activated nuts and seeds, superfoods, berries, caramelised coconut chips and chunks of delicious vegan dark chocolate. Paleo Mix Berry Choc is grain and gluten free. 

Ingredients: Caramelised Coconut Chips* (Coconut Chips*, Coconut Nectar*), Activated Sunflower Seeds*, Raw Cacao Nibs* (10%) Activated Pumpkin Seeds*, Currants* (10%), Activated Cashews*, Dark Coconut Mylk Chocolate* (7%) (Raw Cacao Nibs*, Evaporated Coconut Nectar*, Coconut*, Virgin Cacao Butter*), Cranberries* (5%) (Cranberries*, Apple Juice*, Sunflower Oil* <1%), Activated Brazil Nuts*. *Certified Organic

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