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Bush Tucker Blends – True Blue Immunity 120g

Bush Tucker Blends – True Blue Immunity 120g

Bush Tucker Blends Immunity combines wild-harvested and organic Australian Native ingredients. Kakadu Plum, Centipeda and Finger Lime provide the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the market at 400mg per serve (888% RDI). Per serve it also boasts 200IU of natural vegan Vitamin D3 (100% RDI), stacked with 10mg of natural bio available zinc (100% RDI), potent antioxidants and Vitamin A.

Immunity helps support overall immunity, balance stress, and boost energy.

How to use:

Adults (12+ years)

Take 1 teaspoon (4g) daily in water, juice or smoothie. Stir well.

For adults in acute phase of sickness you can take twice daily for up to 3 days.

Children (1 – 4 years)

Take 1/4 teaspoon (1g) daily.

Children (5 – 11 years)

Take 1/2 teaspoon (2g) daily.


Immunity Ingredients:

australian native ingredients:

  • Kakadu Plum*, Centipeda Cunninghamii*, Finger Lime*

australian natural ingredients:

  • Blood Orange Juice Powder*, Mango Powder*, Sweet Potato Powder*, Green Banana Powder*

other natural ingredients:

  • Inulin*, Acerola cherry*, Elderberry juice powder*, Pumpkin seed powder*, Natural Vitamin D3 from Lichen*.

Organic/ Wild Harvested Ingredients*


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