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Coconut Sesame Balls

Coconut Sesame Balls

An exciting new addition in our cafe….Golden Toasted Sesame, Coconut and Cashew Ayurveda Inspired Bliss Balls by Siobhan!

A very nourishing, grounding, easy to digest and absolutely scrumptious time!

In Ayurveda, we recognise that we are not what we eat; rather we are what we digest. A balanced and healthy digestion is the key to true health. So, to take care and support our life-giving transformative digestive fire, it’s best to make our food compatible, easy to digest and most importantly, delicious and enjoyable.

By lightly golden toasting each of the sesame seeds, cashew nuts and coconut, each of these densely nutritive foods break through the natural heaviness they hold and become much lighter, lessening and lightening the load on our digestion and become more delicious too!

Blended with the highly revered and medicinal natural sweetness of the golden nectar that is raw honey, this helps to restore the bodies subtle essence of Ojas, the subtle essence that creates radiance, vitality, joy, bright eyes, glowing skin and a sense of peace and stability.

Finally, no Ayurveda dish would be complete without very healing, very supportive and very delicious spices! Here we have included cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, a wonderful trio to further help you digest this nourishment, as well as bring a lovely, enjoyable and delicious experience.

Happy digesting, nourishing and enjoying your life, along with these new bliss balls. ☺️

Ingredients: Coconut, Cashews, Sesame, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamon, Salt, Honey

Coconut Sesame Balls are gluten free and vegan.


Allergens: nuts


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