The story of Gwen Tempeh – Byron-made, traditional, unpasteurised tempeh

The story of Gwen Tempeh - Byron-made, traditional, unpasteurised tempeh

We are a small family operated tempeh company based in Byron Shire. We’ve been making tempeh since 2011 and named the business after our Nanna Gwen, who was a great business woman in her day – selling haberdashery items not tempeh!!

We make our tempeh traditionally and learnt from a tempeh maker in Indonesia, a master in his craft.

Other things you may like to know about our tempeh is that it is

* Unpasteurised (we freeze, we don’t heat-treat for retailer shelf life), therefore it is still a living food.

* Fermented food with excellent probiotic qualities; great source of plant based protein, gluten free and non-GMO, no cholesterol, vegan.

* A simple healthy product (only three ingredients – legume, starter culture, water – no stabilisers/preservatives/additives/flavourings etc).

 * Two of our products (Organic Chickpea Red Rice and Lupin Organic Green Pea Linseed) are unique in Australia.

As far as cooking goes we suggest to new customers that an easy method is to slice tempeh thinly, shallow pan fry until it is golden brown and then add some tamari or soy sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice. Our tempeh is great added to stir fries, salads, in curries or in wraps.

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